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Anionic polyelectrolyte used in raw water and wastewater treatment
Product Description: 

Rxsol Polyelectrolite is a unique, medium molecular weight, anionic polyelectrolyte designed to be used as a precipitation aid and sludge conditioner for waste water treatment systems.

Product Application: 


Immediate flocculation activity.

Non-hazardous to use.

Rxsol Polyelectrolite has been found particularly effective for metal finishing and most industrial thickening and clarification operations as well as metal hydroxide precipitation.

Very economical to use.

Rxsol Polyelectrolite  is designed to be used at full strength, eliminating the need to make up stock solutions prior to use, thus completely eliminating the make up difficulties of powders and emulsions. It blends into the waste stream immediately with no undissolved particles, globules or waste.

Effective over a wide pH range.

Works well with other treatment aids.

Rxsol Polyelectrolite  concentrated formula is extremely economical to use. One gallon of Rxsol Polyelectrolite will treat up to 100,000 gallons of waste water. It may be injected into a flowing stream, or may be metered into an agitated flocculator tank.

Product Procedure: 

Rxsol Polyelectrolite should be metered full strength into the flocculation station of conventional hydroxide precipitation waste water treatment systems. Typical feed rates ofRxsol Polyelectrolite vary from 8 to 12 ppm which is the equivalent to one gallon treating 25,000 to 82,000 gallons of waste water. Rxsol Polyelectrolite works well over a wide pH range with values of 7.5-10.0 being optimum. Uniform agitation is vitally important for optimum contact. Mild agitation by low speed non-shear agitators is recommended. Do not use high speed mixers or pump recirculation for mixing or an agitator speed over 100 RPM. These methods will shear and break up the floc formation. Due to the wide variety of waste water treatment facilities, equipment and waste material to be treated, it is recommended that a water treatment study be performed to assure the most cost effective treatment method available. .

Product Note: 


Store at 40-95° F (5-35° C) for maximum stability. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Do not get in eyes, skin or clothing. Do not take internally. Wear proper protective clothing and face shield. Material spilled on floors is very slippery and most difficult to wash down. Material should be scooped up as much as possible and the remaining thin film adsorbed with absorbent clay or sweeping compound. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more complete details.

Product pack size: 
25 Ltrs, 210 Ltrs.
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