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Vishakhapatnam's pioneer supplier of Tallow Diamine, Vizag Chemical International is pleased to present to you RXSOL Tallow Diamine.

RXSOL- Tallow Diamine

RXSOL Tallow Diamine is a very versatile product therefore Vizag Chemical International provides a huge range of different grades of Tallow Diamine. Its uses vary from making Asphalt Emulsifiers and Water Treatment Chemicals to Surfactants and anti-rusting agents

RXSOL Tallow Diamine is a fatty amine usually used as a surfactant. Tallow Diamine is usually a raw material for other products like surfactants and many water treatment chemicals due to its emulsifying properties. It is also used in Asphalt Emulsifiers. Therefore Vizag Chemical International keeps a ready stock of Tallow Diamine for their regular customers at their warehouse in Pedagantyada, Andhra Pradesh. Vizag Chemical International provides the best quality Tallow Diamine at its best rates possible. The requirements for our customers range from 1 Ltr to 210 ltrs. Vizag Chemical International Provides their customers with an option for custom packings and private labellings too.

Where To Buy?

Vizag Chemical International's customer base covers all of Vishakhapatnam, Kakinada. Pedagantyada, Krishnapatnam Nellore, and all of Andra Pradesh. Vizag Chemical International readily provides RXSOL Tallow Amine in bulk as well as small quantities. 

If you want to get the price of RXSOL Tallow Amine in Vishakhapatnam, do not hesitate to contact Vizag Chemical International as we provide the most competitive rate of Tallow Diamine in Vishakhapatnam thereby increasing our customer base.


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