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Multipurpose Concrete Plasticizer

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Concrete Fast Setting accelerators provide very high early strengths.

Product Description: 

Accelerators make concrete set faster rapidly after mixing with concrete. This product can be added to a concrete batch either immediately before or during mixing to kick the set time of a batch of concrete into high gear and initiate setting time one to three times faster than normal mortar and concrete. Chloride Free and Accelerating Compund for Concrete and Mortar.

Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting concrete set accelerator is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture. It accelerates initial setting time one to three times faster than normal mortar and concrete. Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting improves workability and strength while hastening the hydration of cement. It makes the mix easier to place and speeds construction by shortening the initial set and curing time. Time and labor are saved because forms and other protection can be removed earlier and finishing can be started. Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting should not be limited to use during months when temperatures are in the 20° - 45° F (-7o - 7o C) range. Increased workability and earlier strength are also obtained when temperatures are in the 50o - 65o F (10o - 18o C) range because any time the temperature drops below 70o F (21o C) there is a reduction in the rate of cement hydration. During cold and hot weather application, follow ACI 305 and 306 recommendations.

Product Application: 

In Ready Mix uses of  RXSOL-67-6703-020 as Accelerator makes mortar quick setting. Which allows an area to be used soon after the application and workable only after 12 minutes. As due to accelerator cement gain rapid strength in short period of time.

Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting is recommended for use during cool and cold weather to accelerate the set time and reduce the risk of frozen mortar and concrete mixes. However, Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting can be used any time you want to accelerate the set time to decrease turnaround time.

Feautues of Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting:

  • Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting accelerates initial set time one to three times faster than normal concrete and mortar.

  • Aids in strength development.

  • Speeds up hydration of cement.

  • Increases workability of concrete or mortar mix in colder temperatures.

  • Speeds construction due to reduced setting and curing time.

  • Allows earlier removal of concrete forms or other protection.

  • Permits earlier finishing.
Product Procedure: 

RXSOL-67-6703-020 helps to make your own QRM Quick Ready Mix. As in QRM Accelerator is a premixed in pack that only requires the addition of water. It can be mixed by machines or hand. QRM is a quick setting mortar which allows an area to be used soon after the application.

QRM is easy to trowel and is workable for approximately 12 minutes after such time a rapid strength gain takes place.
QRM  when mixed is a stiff mortar that can readily support bricks or iron work such as used in manhole installations, but can be used in many other situations. QRM  advantages are high early strength, ready to use, non-shrink, quick setting.
Coverage 1m2 x 12mm per 25 kg

Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting is added directly to the mix water. Reduce the amount of water by 5 - 7% to compensate for the liquid addition. For masonry mortar, two quarts (1.89 liters) of Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting for each 94 lb. (42.73 kg) bag of cement should be used. For mortar cements that are 50% Portland cement and 50% lime, one-half the amount, or one quart (950 ml) of Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting, is required.

Product Note: 

DIRECTION FOR USE: It can be dosed manually as well as after addition of required water.
Mix with water in the required proportion before addition to the dry mix.

Product Technical Specification: 

Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting based on refined silicates, Aluminium sulfate, Calcium nitrite and synthetic plasticizer. Which helps Corrosion protection of steel. Floor screed and topping. Concrete and floor screed repairs.Waterproofing and tanking of basements and Bonding of old concrete to new concrete.

Calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibitors do accelerate the setting times of concretes. 

Product pack size: 
30 kg and 250 kg drum packing.
Product alias: 
<p> Quick Mix Floor Repair, Perma Plast AC, Accelerator cement additive, Mixflow G8</p>

It's a very strong bonding agent for mortars and concrete to bond with old concrete, stone, steel, brick etc. It is a superior waterproofing product. It's is also a strong corrosion inhibitor.

Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting affects only the Portland cement portion of the mix and is not an antifreeze for the water portion. Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting has no effect on straight lime mortars and should not be used with oxychloride stuccos. Use Concrete Accelerator Fast Setting directly from the factory-sealed container; do not dilute. Avoid direct contact. Ingestion may cause moderate to severe irritation of the digestive tract. Read and follow complete application information and precautions on container prior to use. Consult Safety Data Sheet for complete health and safety information.

Multipurpose Concrete Plasticizer