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Methylene Blue AR

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Methylene Blue is Lab Reagent acid-base indicator

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Methylene blue is an organic chloride salt having 3,7-bis(dimethylamino)phenothiazin-5-ium as the counterion. A commonly used dye that also exhibits antioxidant, antimalarial, antidepressant and cardioprotective properties. It has a role as an EC (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor, an acid-base indicator, a fluorochrome, an antidepressant, a cardioprotective agent, an EC (cholinesterase) inhibitor, a histological dye, an EC (guanylate cyclase) inhibitor, an antioxidant, an antimicrobial agent, a neuroprotective agent, a physical tracer and an antimalarial.

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Synonyms : Tetramethylthionine chloride

3,7-bis(Dimethylamino)phenazathionium chloride
Basic Blue 9
Formula : C16H18ClN3S.xH2O
Molecular weight : 319,85 g/mol
CAS-No. : 122965-43-9
EC-No. : 200-515-2

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