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Cement Remover Gel

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Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Kakinada, Gangavaram, Krishnapatnam, Rawa, Nellore, Rajahmundry
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Highly concentrated and powerful penetrating agents materials which is effectively react with cement to loosen the bonding strength . Best results can obtain on dry surface of cement. RXSOL'S R & D has developed this molecular cement dissolver as an alt
Product Description: 

Advance formula for VERTICAL CLEANING.

It is used as a bond breaker of cement, which reacts chemically loosen  the setting of the mixture and reduces its density.

Product Application: 

1.Apply gel on Thin film of cement,  power to loosen the bond between the cement and the tile.
2.Sufficient time of reaction will loose bond of cement  completely.
3.Allow the gel to set on the cement for at least an hour or two.
4.For hot climate avoid evaporation, reapply frequently to keep the area moist.
5.After the cement starts to loosen, scrub the area with either a brush, Scotch Brite pad or scouring pad.
6.If a small amount remains, reapply GEL and allow it to set again.
7.Scrub again until all of the cement is removed.
8.Flush the area with water.
9.Neutralise and Wash the area with alkaline soap and water.

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25 Kg
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