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ACID Slurry LABSA 96 to 98 60 Kg

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LABSA 96 to 98 ( Acid Slurry )
Product Description: 

Product Name: LABSA
Specifications: 96%
Product Remarks: Brown Viscous Liquid
Poduct Category: Cleaning Raw Materials
Product Description: Name: LABSA 96%
Chemical Formula: R -C6H4-SO3H
Appearance : Brown viscous liquid


Product Application: 

USAGE of LABSA: The product can be used as the raw material to produce kinds of detergent, emulsion such as laundry powder, dish wash cleaner in daily chemical industrial.
CHARACTERISTIC : Our products has high action of detergency, moistening, Foaming, emulsion. It is brown viscous fluid in appearance with acidity and strong absorbency. Packing Details: 210KG Net Plastic Drum or according to customers' requirements

Product Procedure: 

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) - Soft Acid Slurry is main Raw Material for Synthetic Detergent industries in the formulation of Washing Powder, Detergent Powder, Detergent Cake, Liquid Soap, Cleaning Powder, Scouring Bar, Oil Soaps etc.

It is used in Anionic specialty formulations.
In other Industries like textile industries it is used as mercerising or washing agent.
It is used for increasing the surface area of distempers.

Product Note: 

What is Acid Slurry ?
Acid slurry is a sulphonation product made by sulphonation of linear alkyl benzene by oleum or so3 or sulphuric acid or combinations of above.It is used in manufacturing of vaious detergents.

Product Technical Specification: 

Specifications of LABSA-Na
Active matter 96 Min
Colour Kllet 90 Max
Unsulfonatet matter % 2.5 Max
Sulfic acid, % 1.2 Max
Water % 1.0 Max
Density at 20 "C gr/ml 0.856 - 0.868
Organic chlorine ppm < 5
Acidity as (H2SO4) ppm < 1
Distillation range "C I.B.P 275 - F.B.P. 315
Bromine index mgr Br/100 gr 0.02 max
Awerage Moleculer Mass 344.5
Parafine 0.2 max
Carbon distribution C 10 % < 0.5
C 10 % < 16
C 10+11% < 55
C 12 % < 25
C 13 % < 16
C 13 % > 3
Water % < 0.02
Total 2 phenyl - isomers % 24 - 30
Total LAB % 98 min
Non LAB % 2 max
Sülfonatable content % 98 min
Average Molecular Weight 3 1+/-4 : 2
Benzene sulfonic acid LABSA Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid (LABSA) LAS; LABSA; Laurylbenze .

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Product alias: 
acid slurry , Linear Alkyl Benzen Sulphonic Acid, LABSA
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