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AQUA Tuff High Foam conc.

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Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Kakinada, Gangavaram, Krishnapatnam, Rawa, Nellore, Rajahmundry
Hold Solution-22
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Aqutuff high foam cleaner detergent for ship hold cleaning
Very effective alkaline ship hold cleaner also can be use as multi purpose ship hold cleaning and general digressing agent. its heavy molecular surfactants rapidly reacts with water and produce effective cleaning solution .May be applied by brush, hand spray and by high and low pressure washi
Product Description: 

Aquatuff high foam liquid always be wise decision to clean ship cargo hold. As before loading of cargo surveyor first demand is -  Holds must be thoroughly cleaned and dry and trace free of previous cargo in frames.

beams, girders, and other structure.

Aquatuff high foam plays very important role in hold cleaning and general digressing. It is a heavy duty non-corrosive concentrated cleaning compound soluble in fresh and salt water , also suitable with high presure cleanig machines.

Product Application: 

Most Helpfull cleaner for preparation of a cargo hold. In general cleaning of vessel's cargo holds Aquatuff High Foam plays very important role in washing down with use of chemicals.  Aquatuff High foam classified as Marine Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals; Cargo Hold Cleaning detergent.

Product Procedure: 

Refer this link for complete set of HOLD CLEANING KIT  :::

The Importance High-Pressure Cleaning

The job of high-pressure cleaning can be done easier & quicker by simply using AquaTuff incorrect dosages. Using a high-pressure cleaner alone, without any CLEANER, will not  achieve  optimal cleaning results High-pressure cleaning primarily refers to cleaning of Hard  surfaces, such  as Decks, Tanks, Engine-rooms, etc. and in the majority of cases the cleaning is done according to the so-called two-step method:

Step 1:  Spraying the  AquaTuff over the area to be cleaned.
Step 2:   Washing down the area using a high-pressure water jet.

After the AquTuff has been sprayed on the surface and before the wash down begins, the chemicals penetrate & thoroughly moistens dirt & other grime. During wash down, the AquaTuff thoroughly dissolves the particles of dirt, even oil and fat, in the water spray and thus achieves optimal cleaning results.In addition to being more effective, the use of AquaTuff substantially reduces the time required for the Cleaning operation, as well as preventing dirt from reforming on the surface. The use of AquaTuff in correct dosages is half the job done.

General Cleaning :- AquaTuff can be used for all types of cleaning &  degreasing & may  be applied by  Brush, Hand spray, high and low-pressure washing machines etc. Time necessary for cleaning depends on the nature and thickness of the deposits. 20-30 min. will suffice for   most applications. Hardened, carbonised or aged deposits may require up to 4 hours. If  the cleaning solution is not heavily contaminated, it may be re-used at a later stage. If allowed to cool, the de-gassing procedure must be repeated. Depending on the degree of contamination AquaTuff should be mixed with warm water at a rate of 50-200 ml   per 10 litres. i.e. 1 cup of AquaTuff to a bucket of water. The aqutuff solution can be applied  simply by mops, brushes or rags, or by dipping the soiled articles into  the Aquatuff solution. After cleaning, rinse off with cold or warm water. Due to high foaming properties, AquaTuff is not recommended for washing machines. 

20-50 % with fresh water . Also acts as an acid-neutralizing agent for Boiler & Colling systems during cleaning & maintenance.
Heavy Soil deposition                    Use Undiluted from to 20-50% diluted with water. 
Medium soil deposition                 10-20%  diluted with water. 
Light Soil ( general degreasing )   5-10% diluted with water.

Product Note: 
Aquatuff high foam is absolutely free along with the purchase of slip coat - Hold block materials. Aquatuff High foam Free 1000 Ltr against 1000 Ltrs purchase of Slip Coat Plus at our Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Ennore, Kolkata, Kandla - Gandhidham, Fujairah - Gulf.

For degreasing and removal of residues of minerals oil , coal stain and soot from surface.
superior & powerful alkaline cleaner. It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily  matter & having good foaming qualities. It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents , Biodegradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials .
Safety Phrases
S-2 Keep out of the reach of children.
S-26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
S-36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.
S-45 In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible).


Preparing Cargo Holds for loading Grain depends on the previous cargo.
1. Cargo Holds must be thoroughly cleaned and dry and trace of previous cargo in frames, beams, girders, and other structure.
2. There should not be any loose rust and or paint scale anywhere in the Cargo Holds, Bulkheads, upper and lower hopper spaces, underneath of Hatch Covers and tank top.
3. There should not be traces of live & dead insect & weevils.
4. Bilge covers should be cleaned of any cargo residues and have enough drain holes. Bilge cover needs to be grain tight but not watertight.
5. Bilge well should be cleaned of previous cargo dray and odour free.
6. Bilge suction should be operational at all the times. 
Removal of cargo residue:
Air Blow from top using high pressure air to reach all accessible corners. Cargo to be swept, scrapped & collected in a drum. Attention to be given
• Australian ladder and its platforms and stanchions
• Beams and girders under cross decks
• Frames, beams, girders, and other structure
• Large pipes holding brackets behind the pipes
Then Cleaning and sweeping coal cargo from the hold as maximum possible by HELPER / Crew member
Loose Rust & Paint Scale:
A sharp hand scraper shall be used to take off the peeling rust & paint scale Special attention to following areas:
• Australian ladder and its platforms, hand rails and stanchions
• Australian ladder and its platforms and stanchions
• Beams and girders under cross decks
• Frames, beams, girders, and other structure
• Large pipes holding brackets behind the pipes
• Hatch coamings and under hatch covers
• Booby hatches & cover
Tank top loose rust
Tank top should be free of loose rust and cargo residue
Any rust which can be scraped by hand scrapers should be removed.
The tank top should be rinsed with fresh water
Cleanliness of cargo hold bilges
Hold bilges must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all residue, rust particles and cargo stains etc.
The filter (Rose Box) must be cleaned thoroughly
The bilge well sections shall be washed with continuous running of sea water to remove all odour and later rinsed with fresh water
Product Technical Specification: 
Tips for Hold cleaning - Prior to high pressure hold washing, excess cargo residue on the tank top should be removed by hand sweeping and lifted out of the holds via the use of a portable mucking winch.  After all excessive cargo residue has been removed then the holds can be washed with salt water using a highpressure hold cleaning gun, supplemented by the deck air line to provide increased pressure. This is the most commonly used method of hold cleaning. Then use Aquatuff High foam hold cleaning Marine Chemicals · Cleaning Chemicals; Cargo Hold Cleaning detergent to get optimum result.
Product pack size: 
20, 25, 50, 210, 1000 Ltr IBC TANK. We are keeping a full range of ship hold cleaning chemicals which include sodium hypochlorite, Muriatic, Metalbrite, Cement remover, Coal remover, Pet coke stain remover, Hold Block Slip coat and many more. We are one of the largest suppliers of hold cleaning chemicals in India and the Middle East.
Product alias: 
High Foam detergent for ship cargo hold cleaning

Aquatuff for bulk carrier cargo hold cleaning alkaline detergent, Other then aquatuff cargo hold cleaning chemicals lime washing chemicals for cargo holds and pet coke cargo hold washing detergent also popular for specificed lime and and pet cargo. We are also keeping ready stock of cement hold cleaning chemicals, Hold Block - Slip Coat, Hold Wash etc...

Cargo Hold Cleaner, Bulk Hold cleaning etergent, Chemical Agent for hold cleaning, Hold Cleaning Kits detergent

Importance of Alkleen Safety Liquid / Aquatuff Cargo hold cleaner for coal and pet coke:

Aquatuff High foam and Aqua tuff / Alkleen Safety Liquid cleaner is most common marine cleaning chemicals for cargo hold cleaning after coal and pet coke. 
Two Major Benefit of cleaning of Pet Coke:- 
Pet coke residue contains oil content, which is creating more difficulties during the cleaning operation. Aquatuff high foam and one of our specialized product called Alkleen Safety Liquid which is absolutely non-hazardous and biodegradable cleaner. 
Petcokes also have sulphur content which is the main cause of corrosion due to its electrochemical corrosion mechanism. In presence of moisture and sulfur metal surface charges as anodic and damaging the hold paint due to electrical ion charges. Here presence of Alkleen Safety Liquid / Aquatuff increasing the alkaline effect and neutralizes the effect of Sulphur.

Ship marine hold cleaning chemicals

Aqua tuff most suitable for cargo hold and tank cleaning.

Aquatuff High foam plays very important role during ship hold cleaning , Its high foam abilityincreasing Aquatuff cleaning power on the vertical surface, As liquid product can't sustain on the vertical surface while HIGH composite FOAM can sustain on the surface which is resulting from good cleaning effect. 
Extra foaming is major features which is differentiating Aquatuff high foam to general Aquatuff.

Aquatuff High foam using procedure and cleaning method : 
1st Step Cleaning of extra and excess loose particle::: 
Before applying  Aquatuff high foam on hold surface, Makes sure extra loose cargo particle should be removed manually or Air blown method. Then cleaning procedure can be followed either by high foam machine or Manual. 
2nd step is for Mixing and dilution of Aquatuff:::
If cleaning step is with HP machine ( High Pressure ), Then mix concentrated Aquatuff high foam with fresh water, it can be diluted 1 Ltrs Aquatuff High foam with 4 to 5 Ltrs Fresh water.  

If cleaning step followed by hand spray, Then apply aquatuff high foam neat on the surface. Approx  1 ltr covers 10 to 12 square meter. 

3rd Step final procedure::: 

Leave for about 30 – 45 minutes. The surface remains wet. Wash down with hot water at around 80 - 90 degree. Rinsing procedure can be repeated 1 to 3 times if required for Cargo Tank and Cargo Hold Cleaning.

Aquatuff High Foam supplier in Mumbai, Nhava Seva, Pirpav, Surat - Hazira, Kandla - Gandhidham, Sikka - Mundra, Manglore - Goa, Vizag - Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Kakinada, Chennai - Ennore, Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Buj buj,  Dubai - Sharjah, Fujairah Middle East

Shipping Tanker, Bulk Carrier cleaning agent, Hold Cleaning Agent. Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner with Extra Foaming Effect.

Aquatuff high foam is absolutely free along with the purchase of slip coat - Hold block ( Pre load ) materials. Aquatuff High foam Free 1000 Ltr with the purchase of 1000 ltrs Slip Coat Plus is available at Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Ennore, Kolkata, Kandla - Gandhidham, Fujairah - Gulf
Here the question that arises is why Aquatuff Cleaner is so important during Ship Hold Cleaning?
Aquatuff is alkaline in nature which neutralizes the acidic residue created due to the presence of moisture and products like coal, sulphur, salt etc. And emulsification effect of aquatuff makes alll oil stain water soluble.  It means Aquatuff's major role is to neutralize the acidic residue and emulsifying Oil residue. One more important feature of Aquatuff high foam results in the formation of dense foam with high-pressure machines, which can easily be applied even on vertical surfaces.
Aquatuff High Foam - Acts as an Acid Neutralizer - Useful for coal, Sulfur, Salt as its residue when in contact with water, is acidic in nature which directly damages the painted and metal surfaces.
Aquatuf High Foam - Acts as an Oil residue Emulsifier - Useful for removal of coal and oily residue.
Aquatuff High Foam - Results in Dense foam - Can be applied on the vertical surface for the long duration.
The largest supplier of Aquatuff high foam in Asia ( India and Middle East). More details of Aquatuff High Foam like MSDS and Using procedure of will be available through this link: link

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