Aquatuff High Foam Supplier in Vizag-Visakhapatnam, Krishnapatanam, Kakinada.

Aquatuff high foam alkaline formula makes unique among other marine cleaning detergents. Aquatuff creates high dense foam with high-pressure machine which is helpful to apply to the vertical surface during hold cleaning operation. Aquatuff contains high foam ingredients along with other surfactant composition, Its small qty can create high dense foam during application with the high-pressure

Neodecanoic acid

Neodecanoic acid is a mixture of carboxylic acids with the common structural formula C10H20O2, a molecular weight of 172.26 g/mol, and the CAS number 26896-20-8. Components of the mixture are acids with the common property of a "trialkyl acetic acid" having three alkyl groups at carbon two, including: