Safe Acid Descalex powder

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This product is compatible and suitable with aluminum, copper, zinc, galvanized metals, steel boilers etc.

RXSOL-54-1008-025 -Fast and effctive scale remover. It is a superior heavy duty POWDER containing accelerators, corrosion inhibitors & wetting agents with scale dissolver. Specifically formulated to remove rust and water scale build up from boiler evaporators, heat exchangers, cooling systems, pipeline collection system etc. Highly effective on heating. Safe and easy handling and storage.

-   Non-combustible solid
-   Also can be use for removal of loose corrosion products, Organic Foulant, And deposition of clay and SILT deposit.
-   Biodegradable chemical compound without FUMES increases its popularity and also makes it EASY to HANDLE.

Scale and Rust Remover (Powder)

RXSOL-54-1008-025 is a dry acid cleaner formulated to remove rust and scale deposits from  boilers, diesel engine cooling water systems, condensers, evaporators, calorifiers and heat exchangers.

Powder Acid for Removal of Scale and Rust

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