Aquatuff foam hold cleaning chemical classified as 
universal cleaner for ship Hold Block.We are working 
with chemicals since 1995 and we observed that before 
hold cleaning if we planned to keep following chemicals
cleaning operation become very easy.
 Metal Brite - Helpful to remove rust from metalsurface,
specially from joint section.Metal brite chemically not 
only removes rust, but also netralize rust.
 Paint Remover- Removes loose paint from hold area without
extra froce .AS degreaser completely emulsify oily and greasy 
content. cleaning of oily area is taking more time, if proper
emulsification of oil grease not done. if you have degreaser on
board, simply apply and spray on contaminated area and leave for 10 
minutes then finally wash hold with AQUATUFF to get optimum result.

Hold Block Slip Coat - Very important part of chemical. Before loading of
cargo, if hold block applied.Then there is no more time required for next cargo
loading.RXSOL hold block is polymer based material, which can be applied with Water mixing.
After application of hold block a thin transparent layer of polymer will from, which prohibiting
direct contact of cargo from hold.And during next cargo loading simple water flush is required to clean
complet hold.
Bilge coat - Helps to neutralize acid which is formed during sulfur and salt etc..ship marine cleaning detergent,Hold cleaning Chemical,Alkaline cleaner ship hold cleaning chemical.