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Vizag Chemical    Chemicals is a leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, traders, dealers, retailers, producers of  Descaling Liquid    is available across kolkata   india. 

Descaling liquid chemical supplier and manufacturer. RXSOL brand have various grade of Descaler, which having various characteristic and uses.  Chemically this product dissolving various mineral deposits including Lime Scale. Proper doses of descaler not only improve lifetime of appliances and mchinery parts but also increasing performance of the entire system.


Descaling Liquid 

A Heavy duty liquid acid descaler. Descaling Liquid is a simple to utilize corrosive compound for expelling water scale and iron dioxide stores. It is repressed to secure metal surfaces. It works by assaulting the antacid earth stores that can be framed on metal surfaces. 


It must not be utilized on zinc, aluminum, tempered steel, stirred materials or cast iron. 


For the expulsion of scale from: 




Heat exchangers 

 Cooling and pipe frameworks 

 For the descaling of mussel and shellfish development in seawater frameworks and structures 


A fundamental test ought to be done on tests of the scale or store to be cleaned to choose the best focus and conditions. 

Sea green/blue Descaling Liquid is ordinarily utilized cold yet increasingly viable outcomes are accomplished if the arrangement is raised to 40°C. Best descaling is accomplished by flow. (Try not to warmth to over 40°C as this could prompt freedom of chlorine gas and live steam warming will cause an expansion in arrangement level for which a stipend ought to be made. 

1. In the event that the surfaces are sleek use Aquawash or Natural Zest at 1-1.5% answer for degreasing. 

2. At first careful flushing with water ought to be completed. 

3. Sea green/blue Descaling Liquid is weakened somewhere in the range of 1:4 and 1:9 with water. 

4. Satisfactory ventilation is fundamental during cleaning. 

5. The tidying task can take as long as 24 hours relying upon the thickness and kind of store. 

6. Subsequent to cleaning the Aquamarine Descaling Liquid arrangements ought to be depleted off and the surfaces altogether flushed before killing with RXSOL Aquawash in a 2% arrangement.


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