EVOPORATOR TREATMENT chemical supplier in VIZAG / Visakhapatnam and other ports of Andhra Pradesh like Gangavaram, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam.  RXSOL-51-6001-025 is a concentrated  solution of a POLYELECTROLYTE  polymer and antifoaming agents for  use in SEA WATER evaporator  as a controller of scale and foam in side the  evaporators.  It can be used as a scale inhibitor  in the  feed water  to EVAPORATORS producing fresh water. Its other brand name is GREEN EVA, Vaptreat L,NALFLEET  MAXI-VAP PLUS / AMEROYAL, Care Treat 1 Evaporator,  ET 109 ( NorChem ), Liquivap HC 130, Ameroyal CF, Eazy Vapcare.

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